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Content, Curated. – Issue #9

Welcome to issue #9 of Content, Curated. I wanted to kick things off discussing a topic I’ve been tweeting about sporadically over the last few months: diminishing returns. 1: a rate of yield that beyond a certain point fails to increase in proportion to additional investments of labour or capital2: benefits that beyond a certain … Read more

Content, Curated. – Issue #8

September saw the return of the bi-annual event, BrightonSEO. It’s one of my favourite conferences of the year, mainly because beer so many people from the industry attend and it’s great to see familiar faces. As well as this, there were some incredible content/Digital PR focused talks that I’d like to quickly highlight, just in … Read more

Content, Curated. – Issue #7

Welcome to a slightly different version of Content, Curated. The eagle-eyed among you may notice that this issue, and the email that was sent out, are slightly different. The newsletter has been moved away from the solution I was using, Revue, due to a few frustrations and limitations that unfortunately I couldn’t find a workaround … Read more

Content, Curated. – Issue #6

It’s August, and we’re essentially 60% through the year (🚨⚠️🚨). The Google Trends graph for ‘christmas’ is waking up from it’s slumber, and if you’re hoping to put out a big campaign this year, you should think about booking in some festive ideation sessions in the near future.There’s a lot to get through in this … Read more

Content, Curated. – Issue #5

Welcome to a special edition of Content, Curated. In this issue we’re embarking on a nostalgia trip, going back in time to when infographics reigned supreme and journos were dishing out (followed) links like they were going out of fashion. Back then it was easy to build dozens of links with pretty modest budgets. Armed … Read more

Content, Curated. – Issue #4

Despite what our clients may ask of us, it’s almost impossible to guarantee that a campaign is going to secure a certain amount of coverage or links. While there are of course things that you can do to tip the odds of success in your favour, ultimately, no one know’s exactly how well a piece … Read more

Content, Curated. – Issue #3

April was a busy month for content consumption, with the bi-annual BrightonSEO resulting in a plethora of must-see talks (which have their own section this month), and plenty of stellar content campaigns being released into the wild. Bar chart races appear to have tailed off almost as quick as they appeared (though a couple did … Read more

Content, Curated. – Issue #2

March can be summed up with 3 simple words: bar chart races. They’re everywhere at the moment. I debated making a bar chart race to show the rising popularity of bar chart races, and as funny as that might’ve been, it looked far too complicated to make one. Because they’re such hot property at the moment … Read more

Content, Curated. – Issue #1

Content is hard. Every year, the bar for coverage-worthy content rises. Not so long ago we were churning out infographics, building links in their hundreds with relatively modest budgets. Having a novel format of content to rely on that could carry an uninspiring idea to success was good while it lasted, but those days are … Read more