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Content, Curated. – Issue #19

It’s October, a notoriously spooky month mostly due to how quickly it creeps up on you. We’re also now one issue away from the big 20, which is also frightening because it really doesn’t feel that long ago that I started this newsletter. Anyway, there’s plenty to get through in this issue and some absolute … Read more

Content, Curated. – Issue #18

I hope all the UK folks had a good bank holiday weekend, and if it was anything like mine you’re now on day 1 of your break from alcohol and junk food 🤢. There’s been a real noticeable uplift in content recently, which can only mean good things and makes putting together this newsletter much … Read more

Content, Curated. – Issue #17

I’ll get the apology out of the way early doors. July has been a hectic month due to moving house and subsequently being messed around by Virgin Media, which left me without internet for longer than I’d like. I thought a bit of a digital detox would do me good, but honestly, it’s awful and … Read more

Content, Curated. – Issue #16

Despite life essentially grinding to a halt for a few months, time is still flying by and we’re already half way through June. Working from home certainly has it’s challenges, and if you’re anything like me, your awesome neat ‘WFH Space’ you flexed on Instagram has already turned into a mess. There’s a lot going … Read more

Content, Curated. – Issue #15

We’re still in very uncertain times, and I apologise that I can’t offer any certainty as to when in the month this newsletter actually gets published 😅 (life with kids etc.) Despite the uncertainty, people are still putting out some great content and securing impressive coverage for their campaigns. While COVID-19 still dominates the majority … Read more