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Content, Curated. – Issue #24

Welcome to issue #24 of Content, Curated. It’s April and the pubs are open, the sun is remembering that the UK exists, and there’s a tonne of awesome campaigns to look at (mostly because this issue is slightly later than usual…!). On the personal news front, I’m thrilled to announce that I have re-joined the … Read more

Content, Curated. – Issue #23

It always shocks me how quickly this newsletter creeps up on me every month. Somehow it’s March, and we’re slowly but surely heading out of the tail end of lockdown. The travel industry is already rearing it’s head again, so let’s hope that there’s a big chunk of budget being thrown at content and digital … Read more

Content, Curated. – Issue #22

2021 is in full swing, and while it still has the potential to make 2020 look like a good year, it does seem that this year will see some normality resume 🤞 It certainly seems like the world of content and PR is ramping up. People are realising now more than ever the importance of … Read more

Content, Curated. – Issue #21

Somehow it’s already mid December, and you may have already noticed an influx of out of offices in response to your festive campaign pitches. It’s a tricky time of year for content as teams debate whether to ride the tinsel and bauble filled wave of ‘spot the Santa in the North Pole’ type pieces, or … Read more

Content, Curated. – Issue #20

I’m Incredibly pleased to announce issue #20 of Content, Curated! It’s a big milestone considering I wasn’t sure where I was going with this newsletter initially, and the continued support from certain individuals and readers has really helped keep the momentum up. Speaking of which, at the time of writing we’re just 4 subs short … Read more