Content, Curated. – Issue #25

It’s issue #25 of Content, Curated. and there’s an abundance of great campaigns to get through.

Over the last several months there were occasions where it was a challenge to find enough content to flesh this out, but at the moment there’s constant flow of notable campaigns to include, which can only be a good thing!

On to the good stuff.

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Must-see Content 👀

The 2021 Beauty Influencer Rich List 💄

Influencer based content has been a common theme for a while now, and they always seem to do pretty well. This piece looks at the beauty niche and their estimated earnings from the various social media platforms.

Discovered via Amy Walton 🕵️

Disney/Pixar Style Posters for Horror Films 👻

While not strictly a PR/content campaign as such, these Disney/Pixar inspired horror film posters are so awesome. If you’re a regularly reader of this newsletter you’ll know that ‘reimagined’ pieces are often included and seem to work well.

What Factors Have the Biggest Impact on Your Stopping Distance? 🚗

This is a really cool data-driven piece looking at the various factors that impact your reaction times/stopping distance. The findings are presented really well, with a few interactive elements chucked in too.

Discovered via Pat Langridge 🕵️

Recorded Music Industry Revenues From 1997 to 2020 🎹

Remember that period of time where bar chart races were huge? That was fun. This is a similar piece that looks at the revenue from the music industry from 1997 to 2020. Seeing ringtones for a brief moment was very nostalgic. A simpler time where everyone used to flex their new polyphonic tones at school.

Discovered via Gisele Navarro 🕵️

Glaciers Then and Now 🧊

This piece by The Guardian looks at the growing concern around shrinking glaciers. The animation is simple but works well to clearly communicate the story.

Your Favourite Apps Rebooted for the 90s 📹

Absolutely love this piece. It reimagines popular smartphone apps as retro/old school devices and it’s incredibly well done. The Tinder one is a corker.

Discovered via Abi Bennetts 🕵️

Topless & Nude Sunbathing in the US 🌞

Ever wondered where in the world it’s acceptable to sunbathe nude? Well thanks to these maps you can go on a liberating trip around the world, safe in the knowledge that you aren’t going to be heavily frowned upon for sunbathing in the buff.

Discovered via Amy Walton 🕵️

Social Salaries 💰

Another piece with an influencer inspired angle, this time looking at how many views and followers you’d need to earn to give up your day job.

Discovered via Emma Lou Mortimer 🕵️

UK’s Best Cities for Bottomless Brunching, Ranked 🍽️

With pubs and restaurants now open fully (almost), this is a timely piece that looks at which cities offer the best brunch experience. Data points such as accessibility, live music and dietary requirements are all used to create the overall ranking.

Cabinet Office Naughty Sites 🤫

FOI requests can have very mixed results and it’s easy to be left with unusable data, but this one by unearthed lots of juicy stats around visits to naughty websites that were blocked by The Cabinet Office.

Discovered via Pat Langridge 🕵️

Iconic Video Game Weapons Reimagined 🔫

Lastly, a fun and really well executed piece that reimagines iconic video game weapons as nerf guns. The 360° gifs are a nice touch.

More Great Content…

PR Stunts

The below campaigns may not have been intentional PR stunts, however they did attract substantial attention from the media.

Heinz Silhouette 🍔

Heinz have been featured a couple of times, and while we don’t all have the luxury to work with a brand that can get away with this, they are clever when it comes to leveraging their awareness. These most recent examples use their iconic bottle shape.

Must-read Articles ☕

Below are some articles that are absolutely worthy of a read during your coffee break:

Must-follow Marketer 👑

In the last issue I gave this section a miss since it can be so tricky to find someone to recommend, predominantly because we’re spoilt for choice. Based on feedback I received, I’ve decided to continue this section for now as it’s a great way to grow your Content/PR inspiration on Twitter.

Who: George Driscoll, Digital PR Consultant at Root Digital

Why: George works at Root Digital who have been putting out some awesome resources recently, such as their in-depth beginners guide to PR. He regularly shares campaigns and insightful topics on his timeline, so be sure to drop him a follow so you don’t miss out.

To Conclude

That concludes issue #25 of Content, Curated and another nice milestone hit. Hopefully it helps inspire your upcoming campaigns, and please do feel free to send over anything you’ve been working on (email towards beginning of article).

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