Content, Curated. – Issue #12

Don’t worry, this issue isn’t going to be prefaced by my ramblings. It’s February, we’re all very much back into the swing of things, and we’re all very busy.

Let’s just get stuck in.

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Must-see Content 👀

The Witcher: Map of the Continent ⚔️

Confession: I haven’t had a chance to watch The Witcher yet, despite hearing so many good things, so there may be some spoilers in this piece. While it’s not exactly something you could replicate, the overall aesthetic and attention to detail in this is certainly inspiring.

The Cost of Moving Abroad 🚛

This is a nice data-led piece that looks at the costs involved with moving from one country to another, including property prices, living costs, average salaries and more.

Leonardo DiCaprio Dating Habits 📽️

No judging here, but I did find the presentation and overall design of this piece pretty effective. So, you can imagine my surprise when I read the comments and found out that it was made entirely in Excel 🤯. Clearly I’ve been using Excel wrong.

London’s Most Stressful Tube Lines 🚂

Another issue another index, this time looking at which of the underground’s lines/stations are the most stressful. By analysing metrics such as number of station closures, number of delays, lost customer hours and more, you can work out which station is likely to have you pulling your hair out.

Discovered via Pat Langridge 🕵️

The Benefits of Getting Lost 🎬

According to this study funded by Vue, going to the cinema can count as a light workout. While the findings are interesting, the main reason I included this is because Vue missed a trick when it comes to presenting the data. Will Hobson spotted that all the links were being lost to a Google Doc, which is where Vue decided to host the findings. Now, it’s entirely probable that Vue don’t care about links and that they weren’t the focus of this campaign, however it does serve as a good reminder to ensure that you always present the findings in a way that increases the chances of people linking to you. Make sure the piece is a linkable asset, with additional data, useful interactivity etc., so that journos have a good reason to cite it within their articles.

Discovered via Will Hobson 🕵️

Homes Inspired by Logos 🏡

This is a really cool piece featuring renderings of homes inspired by logos. I’ve featured similar pieces before, that boast interesting renderings, and they can work really well for clients that can realistically branch out into the design niche. There’s tonnes of high value design sites out there.

Discovered via Joel Stein 🕵️

Sick Leave: UK vs Rest of Europe 🤮

Another data-led piece, this time comparing sick leave info from the UK to the rest of Europe. It turns out that the Swiss have incredible immune systems, taking only 1.6 days sick leave on average.

Discovered via Digital PR Examples 🕵️

Fast Food Logo Mashups 🍔

This is a fun piece that mashups the logos of well known fast food competitors. It’s simple but works well, and has bagged a solid amount of links from some decent sites.

Discovered via Peter Bingham 🕵️

Cuisine Hotspots 🍲

A clever look at where to find the best rated restaurants for a particular cuisine, as well as other factors such as romance, vegan options, accessibility and more. It’s a good use of TripAdvisor info, with a robust and transparent methodology behind it.

Discovered via Pat Langridge 🕵️

Funeral Playlist ⚰️

This is a pretty interesting take on the ‘most popular’ Spotify angle, looking at which songs are regularly found within funeral playlists. I like the way the information is presented, and it’s bagged some good coverage.

More Great Content…

PR Stunts

The below campaigns may not have been intentional PR stunts, however they did attract substantial attention from the media.

Down-Under Donation Dildo 🦘

Disclaimer: Slightly NSFW page.

In order to assist with the bushfire recovery in Australia, a sex toy retailer released an Australian themed dildo. It’s a clever idea and obviously for a great cause, and has subsequently raised over $27,000.

Discovered via Chris Jones 🕵️

Andy King x Evian

It’s been roughly one year since the Fyre festival documentary was aired. One of the standout moments from it was when Andy King detailed how, in sheer desperation, he was close to exchanging sexual favours for a delivery of water to the island. Evian have subsequently leveraged this for PR. by releasing a special bottle with a rather apt slogan. 💖

Mark Rofe (as in loaf) is back at it again, this time on a search to find love. While it may looked photoshopped, it’s actually real, and Mark’s been a busy boy appearing on national TV and sifting through applications. He’s quite the catch.

Must-read Articles ☕

Below are some articles that are absolutely worthy of a read during your coffee break:

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To Conclude

That concludes issue 12 of Content, Curated. Last issue the 600 sub mark was broken, which I was tremendously chuffed about, and we’re teetering on the edge of 700 already.

Thank you for your continued support, and as always, thanks to those who sent content in!



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